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Forum - Plumes and pearlshells: art of the New Guinea Highlands
Saturday, 31 May 2014 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Centenary Auditorium, Lower level 1, AGNSW

Lecturer: Various presenters

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The exhibition Plumes and pearlshells displays the collection assembled by Stanley Moriarty between 1961 and 1972 at a time when the cultural pride of the richly diverse cultures of Papua New Guinea was flourishing, in anticipation of independence in 1975.

The exhibition presents the remarkable array of weaponry, masks, woven and carved figures, knotted and looped textiles, and body adornment including headdresses, arm- and leg-bands, ear- and nose-rings and necklaces, made of feathers, shell, bark cloth, animal and plant fibres and natural pigments, which were integral to village culture and ceremony during this period.

This afternoon of talks brings to life the context of the artworks in the exhibition and provides an update on the art and museum world of PNG today.

Speakers include:

Dr Andrew Moutu
director, Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery

Dr Michael Mel
pro vice chancellor, University of Goroka, and performance artist

Chris Boylan
director, Oceanic Art, and collector

Ruth Choulai
creative arts manager, Pacific Islands Trade and Investment

Florence Kamel
bilum artist and managing director, Jaukae Bilum Products

Natalie Wilson
Plumes and pearlshells exhibition curator, Art Gallery of NSW

Image: Man wearing rimbu (ceremonial headdress), Mount Hagen Show, 1963. Photo: Stan Moriarty © Estate of Stanley Gordon Moriarty