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The hidden language of art - Thursday series

Art appreciation lecture series 2018

From cave painting to contemporary video, artists in every culture use symbols and allegory to add meaning to their subject. But if we can’t decode these images, how can we understand the story behind them or the message the artist wishes to convey?

In 2018, the Art Gallery Society of NSW’s art appreciation lecture series will explore the visual clues behind some of the world’s great masterpieces: the mythologies of East and West, for example, that inspired painters from Titian to Anselm Kiefer and Grayson Perry; fabled Mughal gardens; the subtle gestures of Renaissance Madonnas; sacred geometry in Rome; Enigmatic Velázquez; Hogarth’s moral mazes; forgotten histories, personal secrets and coded connotations.

Over 36 weeks, in lectures by 32 distinguished curators and art historians, The hidden language of art will reach into the past to interpret elusive imagery that can still speak to the present. An unmissable series.