Art Club online: Looking at Landscapes

06 December 2020 - 06 December 2020 1.00pm - 2.00pm
Looking at the iconic work of Arthur Streeton, and a selection of landscape paintings in the Collection, we will compose a unique landscape incorporating aspects from our imaginations as well as from reality. It may be a vista of rolling hills, a harbour view, or street scene in your suburb. We will look and discuss methods to understand and construct a landscape composition.

Bookings close at 12pm on Friday 4 December.

What to bring to the class:
· A selection of images will be emailed before the class.
Choose one or two to print and/or bring a landscape image of your own.
· Paper – 3 or 4 sheets of A4 or A3 cartridge paper. A slightly heavier paper is preferred (110sgm is recommended)
· Willow charcoal sticks and coloured soft chalk pastels. Alternatively, you can use coloured pencils
· An eraser

Ticket holders will receive a secure link and password to the Zoom workshop. Further information will be provided with your booking.

Proudly sponsored by Faber-Castell

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