Art Appreciation 2022 - Impossible bouquets and diplomatic mangos: the art of political giving - online

Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony

03 August 2022 - 04 November 2022 -
An exploration of gifts to mark extraordinary moments. Discover how gifts for Obama, Mao and Medici have impacted art and popular culture throughout the ages. These gifts have inspired spectacular frescos, been enshrined in some of our most loved paintings and inspired an entire genre of collectables. From giraffes to mangos and the humble canned pineapple this lecture delves into the nuanced act of diplomatic gift giving and the lasting impact it has on our understanding of political relations.

Dr Mikala Tai is a curator and researcher specialising in Australian and Asian art. She is currently the Head of Visual Arts at the Australia Council for the Arts and most recently she was the Director of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Series sponsor - Renaissance Tours, Support sponsor - Kimpton Margot Sydney

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