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Australian Classics - Friday series

'It was all Australia to me …’ – Rudyard Kipling

What makes a novel or story essentially ‘Australian’? Is it merely the setting, and should that setting be urban, or rural? Or is there something in the tone which makes a book typically Australian? Why do some novels and stories continue to resonate with succeeding generations of Australians? Which books have become Aussie classics, and why?

Literary lecturer and writer Susannah Fullerton discusses three works that have been popular and which have lasted. She looks at how Australia shaped their authors and how those authors shaped Australia, and analyses what it is that makes them good or great works of literature.

5 October - Henry Lawson and 'The Drover’s Wife'
12 October - Ethel Turner and 'Seven Little Australians'
9 November - Miles Franklin and 'My Brilliant Career'

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