Dressed to kill: From the futurists to 'Coco' Chanel: Oppositional art and 1920s fashion - Friday series - CANCELLED

Dressed to kill: When art and fashion collide - Friday series - CANCELLED

17 April 2020 - 17 April 2020 10.30am - 12.30pm
Domain Theatre
Cubist painters such as Picasso and Braque fractured the body. Their geometries were also adopted in clothing. 1920s French women’s fashion was marked by an engagement with work, sport and the artistic notion of repetition. The Italian Futurists proposed cancelling fashion altogether, suggesting neon ties for men, telegraphing bold colour combinations. Coco Chanel, friend of artist Jean Cocteau and lover of musician Stravinsky, transformed women’s fashion across the world. What did Picasso mean when he remarked, ‘Chanel is the woman with the most sense in Europe’?

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