Renaissance cities: Ferrara: Courtly magnificence - Friday series

Renaissance cities: The influence of art - Friday series

22 July 2022 - 22 July 2022 10.30am - 12.30pm
Domain Theatre
Ferrara, under its Este rulers was a renowned centre of princely magnificence, attracting celebrated artists like Pisanello and fostering a highly expressive visual style. With this lecture we move from republics to courts, which revolved much more explicitly around the person of the prince. We end with one of the great showpieces of Renaissance court culture, the superb frescoes of the Palazzo Schifanoia (‘banish boredom’), which combine astrological imagery with witty and vibrant scenes of court life focused around the genial figure of the ruler, Borso d’Este.

Proudly sponsored by Arab Bank Australia and Sir William Dobell Art Foundation

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