Art Appreciation 2022 - Semester 2 online

Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony

03 August 2022 - 08 December 2022 -
*Impossible bouquets and diplomatic mangos: the art of political giving - Mikala Tai
*Charles Conder and the Maison de l’art nouveau (1895) - Angus Trumble
*Celebrating victory in Buddhist Bhutan: art, dance and modernity - Dr Alex McKay
*Happy anniversaries: Australian artists and settlement commemoration, 1888-1938 - Dr David Hansen
*Design of the grand hotel: from le goût Ritz to barefoot luxury - Distinguished Professor Peter McNeil
*Plaster and pageantry - Lorraine Kypiotis
*An illustrated history: colonial parties and the popular press - Richard Neville
*Transforming cities: the Paris Opera and the Sydney Opera House - Dr Peter Kohane
*Well done, sir: the celebratory and commemorative function of cartoons in the Victorian age - Associate Professor Richard Sculley
*Attention to detail: the art of Michael Zavros - Susi Muddiman OAM
*All tomorrow’s parties: Andy Warhol’s social worlds - Nicholas Chambers
*Celebrating Bonaparte: Jacques-Louis David’s The Coronation of Napoleon - Professor Mark Ledbury
*The Ditchley portrait of Queen Elizabeth I and the revels arranged by Henry Lee - Professor Anne Dunlop
*All the world’s a fair: celebrating Australian art at international exhibitions from 1851 to 1967 - Natalie Wilson
*2-Nov Ceremony and country in Papunya Tula painting, 1971-79 - John Kean
*9-Nov Inigo Jones and the theatre of the Stuart court - Steven Miller
*16-Nov Post-pomp: the rise of private life in eighteenth-century European painting - Dr Georgina Cole
*23-Nov Alternative histories: artists and historical re-enactments - Dr Andrew Frost

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