Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony

16 February 2022 - 24 November 2022 -
Throughout the ages artists have been called upon to create works for joyous celebrations and events across many cultures.

From ancient Persia to modern New York and contemporary Sydney this year’s Art Appreciation lecture series will explore the role of art, fashion and design in spiritual, community, cultural and secular celebrations around the world and how these events have inspired generations of artists to make new works or reinterpret older ones.

Join us for a creative exploration of artistic festivals, ceremonies, parties and other celebrations that will reveal the important role that artists have played in shaping their communities and the role of their artworks in defining what we now know about their life and times.

Over 18 weeks, learn from leading art historians, curators and scholars from across Australia who will explore the stories of artists, sculptors and designers whose works now help to define their eras.

The lectures will be delivered online 'on-demand' allowing you to watch each lecture in your own time.

Lectures will initially be made available as a Semester 1 subscription booking only, with single lectures being released during the semester.

Proudly sponsored by Renaissance Tours