Art Appreciation 2022 - Sidney Nolan’s 'Oceania' — 'Snake', 'Shark' and 'Paradise Garden'

Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony

01 April 2022 - 06 July 2022 -
Between 1968 and 1973, Sidney Nolan painted well over 5,000 paintings as components of the great mural cycle he called Oceania 'A long dramatic poem on Australia, but visually organised in paintings’, he said. This immersive celebration, a homage to the people, the land and the sea in this whole part of the world, but most especially this country of his birth. In fact, like many of Nolan’s extraordinarily ambitious artistic schemes and projects, Oceania was never finished. Only three of the four great composite murals that he envisaged by 1970 were ever completed, and they were exhibited together for the first and only time in 1973. This lecture will focus on Snake, now at Mona, which incorporates inspiration from the cultures and spirituality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as well as from New Guinea.

Curator, art historian, writer and lecturer, Jane Clark joined Mona — Australia’s largest private museum — in 2007, during the initial planning phase, having been Curator of major special exhibitions in both international and Australian art at the National Gallery of Victoria, and then deputy chairman of Sotheby’s in Australia. Since Mona opened in 2011, she has worked on all the museum’s major exhibitions and publications as a key member of the core creative team led by Mona's owner, David Walsh. She helped develop and writes for the museum’s unique interpretive ‘electronic label’ device — the Mona O.

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