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Ancient treasures: Dignity - Saturday series

Saturday, 09 March 2019 10.30am to Saturday, 09 March 2019 12.30pm

Venue: Domain Theatre
Lecturer: Iain Shearer

“I never said, "I want to be alone." I only said, "I want to be let alone! There is all the difference.”
~ Greta Garbo 1955

Dignity is the personal desire for honour and respect, bestowed by actions, words, and deeds, and corroborated – or not – by contemporary culture, or hand of history. Dignity in the pre-modern world was often depicted as courage in the face of personal violation. The contrast between dignified acceptance of an often-brutal fate proved inspirational for artists as varied as Michelangelo and his 'Pietà' to the Timurid court painters of 15th century Herat. This lecture illustrates dignity with treasures from across cultures, time, and space.