Art Appreciation 2022 - Semester one online

Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony

16 February 2022 - 22 June 2022 -
Art Appreciation 2022 - Pomp and Ceremony
Semester 1 program

*Spectacle and theatre in the public and private lives of 16th century Venetians and how it has impacted the Biennale – Emeritus Professor Jaynie Anderson

*Party-time: gunpowder to Mardi Gras (and the morning after) - Simon Elliott

*The Art of the Fashion Spectacle: how the contemporary catwalk became a theatre of multi-disciplinary artistic collaboration - Alison Kubler

*The House of Cyrus: pomp and ceremony, transmogrified and personified in art and architecture – Iain Shearer

*Pomp and ceremony as intimidation: the extraordinary embassy of the Duke of Crequi to Rom in 1662-65 and its European consequences – Lisa Beaven

*Von Guerard and Nicholas Chevalier: friends, celebrations and royal connections – Dr Ruth Pullin

*Colonial trash to island treasure: remaking European porcelain in Caribbean fine and decorative arts – Jessica Priebe

*Colony and country in the Macquarie collector’s chest – Dr Molly Duggins

*Sidney Nolan’s ‘Oceania’: 'Snake, Shark and Paradise Garden' – Jane Clark

*Fashioning triumph through armour in Renaissance Europe – Dr John Gagne

*Modernism and the Ballet Russes – Lorraine Kypiotis

*Celebrating Enlightenment pets: old Vertue, Trump & Raton in 18th century English portraiture – Emeritus Professor Harriet Edquist

*Celebrating the incarnation of Renaissance art – Dr Louise Marshall

*21st century ceremony: contemporary Australian jewellers and object makers – Julie Ewington

*NAS Centenary: 100 years of artists balls and the National Art School – Deborah Beck

*Taking it to the streets: parades and pageantry in contemporary art – Professor Chris McAuliffe

*Celebrated encounter: imagining the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon – Associate Professor Alison Inglis

*Weddings in art: from Jan van Eyck to John Brack – Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin

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