Matisse: Colour and movement - online

06 January 2022 - 11 March 2022 -
Delve further into the joyous world of Henri Matisse with three lectures presented by Professor of art history Roger Benjamin, artist Wendy Sharpe and music lecturer Andy Bromberger. Discover what inspired Matisse to create such energetic works and his approach to colour and movement in these engaging lectures.

Roger Benjamin: Matisse and Decoration

Matisse described 'the decorative' as an 'essential quality' in art, one for which he constantly strove. His approach to colour and harmony, visual rhythm and the arabesque, or the need to rework and resolve his compositions – all are bound up in Matisse's decorative conception. With a focus on his great installed decorations Dance and Music; the Barnes Dance, and the Sorrow of the King cutouts, the lecture elucidates the aesthetics behind the exhibition Matisse: Life & Spirit.

Roger Benjamin is a Professor of art history in the Department of Art History and Film Studies at the University of Sydney.

Wendy Sharpe: Conversations with Matisse

Come on a journey with artist Wendy Sharpe as she explores the work of Henri Matisse, one of the world’s most beloved, innovative and influential artists. Her passion for Matisse has led her to working in iconic locations such as Matisse's house, Villa le Reve, in Southern France and Quai St Michel in Paris, right next door to Matisse’s apartment, sharing the same view across the Seine. Wendy will share her travel stories from Morocco to France giving insight into Matisse’s practices from an artists’ perspective. "It was fascinating to see what he saw, what he chose to put in... but more importantly what he left out ".

Wendy Sharpe one of Australia’s most acclaimed artists, she lives and works in Sydney and Paris. She has held over 60 solo exhibitions around Australia and internationally.

Andy Bromberger: Matisse and music

Music was a great source of inspiration for Matisse. He had a large record collection and loved listening to Jazz. Personally, he and his family all played instruments and many paintings are of his children playing or having lessons. Violins, tambourines and guitars with their decorative shapes as well as the musicians playing them also feature and in the 1920’s many paintings portray his model Henrietta at a piano.

Music structured his compositions with its main elements; themes, rhythms, variations, harmony and colour reflected in his own works. He played the violin daily, finding the precision of improving his own technique equivalent to that of his own artistry.

Andy Bromberger is a lecturer in music history, exploring music’s social history; the political, environmental and societal circumstances which influenced composers, performers and the listening public.

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